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IoT Connectivity

SIM cards for every IoT/M2M application. Monitor and manage your SIM card deployments and your devices from the best IoT cloud platform with unique connectivity management services!

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IoT Hardware webshop

State-of-the-art IoT/M2M gateways and Track & Trace devices as well as support in custom made IoT hardware solutions.

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IoT Software

Software to achieve your IoT goals. Without software no data, overview and decisions. Choose from our catalogue or let our experts create your custom made software.

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IoT Consultancy

Advice about the best IoT/M2M solution for you and your customers. From a quick scan to extensive analysis and reports. Always comprehensive, tangible and custom made for your organisation.

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Infrastructure & Environment

Improved quality of access due to the IoT

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Smart production lines in factories

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Smart grid: flexible supply of electricity and water

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Optimal growth and energy saving through IoT technology

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Customised healthcare

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Home automation & Security

Living safely and comfortably through the IoT

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Vending & Advertising machines

Achieve better results through IoT-enabled remote control

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Efficient container handling due to IoT technology in the port of Rotterdam

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Smart traffic systems: no more traffic jams due to the IoT

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About Intelligent connected products

Lately there is a lot of buzz about the intelligent connected products. So let's unravel the "intelligent connected product" and see what is all the buzz about.


What is the “Thing” in the Internet of Things

A thing in the world of Internet of Things can be any physical thing that has a function in any transformational process that adds value.


IoT helps you win the war through actionable insights

IoT helps you understand your own company, your products and services, your resources and capabilities, your customers and your competition.

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